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Price «kit + assembly»:
– Production of construction kit (interior and exterior walls, roof system (full kit), partitions and overlaps, floor boards, joists, plinths, materials for exterior finish, stairs, materials for construction of a porch and balcony, fasteners) ;

-– Delivery of all the materials to the construction site;

-– Unload and assembly of all the above mentioned materials.


Price «turnkey», includes the following materials and works in addition to the mentioned above:
– Wooden windows, interior and exterior doors – delivery and maintenance;

– Water drainage system (full kit) – delivery and maintenance;

– Roof tiles – delivery and maintenance;

– All the materials and installation works for engineering systems:

o Sanitary ware (bath, shower cabins, sinks, toilets, bidets, faucets, siphons), ceramic tiles for bathrooms and kitchens, boiler, boiler protection against differential power – delivery and installation; plastic pipes and fasteners – delivery and installation;

o Heating: electric radiators – delivery, installation and connection;

o Electricity – equipment (heaters, sockets, switches, pads) – delivery and installation;

o The ventilation system – supply and installation.


Robin Wood is glad to offer any other options for the home to meet your needs.
All prices are excluding VAT.




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